(Tuesday 9 June, 2015)


To use the conversion formulae, multiply the imperial measurement by the factor beside the conversion you wish to make.
If you wish to convert Metric measure into Imperial measure, divide by the same factor.


To Convert Multiply By
milli-inches into micrometres 25.4  
inches into millimetres 25.4
inches into centimetres 2.54
inches into metres 0.0254
feet into millimetres 304.8
feet into centimetres 30.48
feet into metres 0.3048
yards into metres 0.9144
fathoms into metres 1.8288
chains into metres 20.1168
furlongs into metres 201.168
miles, statute into kilometres 1.609344
miles, nautical into kilometres 1.852


To Convert Multiply By
cubic inches into cubic centimetres 16.387064
cubic inches into litres 0.016387
cubic feet into cubic metres 0.0283168
cubic feet into litres 28.316847
cubic yards into cubic metres 0.7645549
teaspoons into milliliters 4.93
tablespoons into milliliters 14.78
UK pints into litres 0.5682613
UK quarts into litres 1.1365225
UK gallons into litres 4.54609
UK gallons into cubic metres 0.0045461
UK fluid ounces into cubic centimetres 28.413063
US pints into litres 0.47
US quarts into litres 0.95
US gallons into litres 3.79


To Convert Multiply By
square inches into square millimetres 645.16
square inches into square centimetres 6.4516
square feet into square centimetres 929.0304
square feet into square metres 0.092903
square yards into square metres 0.836127
square yards into acres (0.01 hectare) 0.0083613
square miles into square kilometres 2.589988
acres into square metres 4046.8564
acres into hectares 0.4046856


To Convert Multiply By
grains into milligrams 64.79891
grains into metric carats 0.323995
grains into grams 0.064799
pennyweights into grams 1.555174
ounces into grams 28.349523
ounces into kilograms 0.0283495
pounds into kilograms 0.4535924
stones into kilograms 6.3502932
hundredweights into kilograms 50.802345
tons into kilograms 1016.0469
tons into metric tonnes 1.01605
tahils into grams 37.799
kati into kilograms 0.60479